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The Sassy Stuff, the lively new travel blog is a blog geared to make travel, a way of life for normal middle class human beings. Its main objective is to inspire more and more people to take out some time of their lives every year from their monotonous 9 to 5 routines and set out to see other parts of the world.

I, Simran Bellani, started THE SASSY STUFF in January, 2017, and within short span of time, it has started gaining popularity. Its fun loving tone, my self-deprecating humor and detailed narration of travel stories have started winning hearts of many readers.

From spending a week in Kashmir to beach hopping in Goa, THE SASSY STUFF has covered many exciting destinations of India and the plan to cover more is on the cards. Currently, I am exploring nuances of my city, Mumbai, the city that never sleeps.

Apart from my experiences as solo female traveler, my blog also features stories of my adventures, food, restaurant reviews, โ€˜how-toโ€™ travel guides, budget travel guides and editorial articles. I am also planning to include topics on digital marketing soon.

Currently, my aim is to plan a trip to UNESCO world heritage sites of India and abroad.

Why Work with me?

  • Because I am a content writer with a background in SEO. And content is the king in online marketing.
  • Because I am a certified digital marketer.
  • Because I accept all kinds of press trips. I say No to nothing unless it is against my ethics and morals.
  • Because I have my NIKON D5300 DSLR with dual lens with which I take excellent photos to add value to content for my readers.
  • Because I deliver results.

What do I offer?

  • Advertorial content appearing on my site.
  • Product/ service reviews.
  • Restaurant/hotel (property) reviews.
  • Brand ambassadorship.
  • Appearance in promotional material for the company.
  • Social media chats, posts and contests.

What do I seek?

Sponsorship on i) One-off basis ii) Campaign basis iii) Long term basis

The Sassy Stuff Site Profile:

Audience profile (Its small but loyal!):-

  • Demographics: Age group- 18-45, Gender- Female- 75%, Male-25%
  • Geographic location: India, USA, UK, UAE, Indonesia, Switzerland, Brazil, Philippines, Canada, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Brazil, Australia, etc.
  • Traffic statistics:
  • Monthly visits-350+
  • Monthly unique visitors- 300+
  • Monthly page views- 800+
  • Social Media statistics:
  • Instagram- 1600+
  • Facebook-600+
  • Quora-17000+ views

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I am happy to connect and exchange ideas with potential clients for mutual benefit.