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I am back from my first ever sponsored trip and want to tell you so many things about it. But since I took almost 600 pictures with my brand new Nikon DSLR, I am taking sometime in putting up the blog. I have zeroed down to 100 pictures. It’s gonna be kinda long.

Till then I am sharing with you important tips on what travel kit essentials to keep with you while going on a trip. I know it’s a cliche topic, “What is in my travel bag” and if you search it on Google, you will find almost 28,60,000 results, but this is for my dear dear readers who look upto me for genuine content and suggestions.  These suggestions are from my own experiences, I have covered travel bag essentials that I regretted not carrying and travel items that I had with me and that proved to be lifesavers!

So here we go, complete vacation travel checklist to make packing easy and quick for you:

1) Sunnies

You so know that a trip is incomplete without Sunnies. Let’s face it. Pictures look more stylish with Sunnies. Besides style factor, Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays which you already know. But I am saying this again because when you go on trips to mountainous regions or beach side, the land is more open and more prone to UV rays as compared to cities. That’s correct atleast for high altitude regions like Leh Ladakh, Gulmarg and Lachung in Himalayan regions.

2) Sanitizer

Whether you are in a flight or in a car on a road trip, I want all of you to remember to clean your hands with hand sanitizer. It is the most important travel checklist items, that you cannot afford to miss. You never know what infection you will catch from which country or region especially in times of bird flu, Ebola and such other horrendous diseases.

3) Deodorant/ Perfume

Let’s be honest. Traveling means you will not always smell of fresh daisies. So keep a perfume or deodorant handy. I keep both in my backpack.

4) Snack bars

Travel plans involve a lot of contingencies. You never know what lies on the next turn. Has your itinerary always been smooth? Mine has never been. So I come prepared. In case I am stuck somewhere and can’t get decent food, I don’t need to compromise on quality of food as I always have oat and chocolate snack bars (Kirkland chocolate chip bars are my favorite), big chocolate bars, cookies and homemade traditional snacks in my travel bag ( after all I am half Gujju)- if you know what I mean “wink wink”

Jokes apart, these snacks are not that calorie rich, on the contrary they provide nutrition and feed the hunger. It is one of the must have travel items. So next time you have to go on a trip, don’t forget to carry these yummy munchies with you.

5) Juicy candies 

If you are hell bent on puking while traveling on hilly roads, you better have candies handy. I suffer from terrible motion sickness. So while on hilly roads, I could not enjoy scenic views because I was constantly worried about my stomach. All I did on such trips was doze off. But no more, as I found that juicy fruit flavored candies especially lime and ginger flavored candies keep motion sickness at bay. It’s total bliss. I am overjoyed 🙂

6) Ear cords

Ear cords prevent ear drums from bursting on flights and then give you good company with your favorite list of music. What else can you ask for to make your trip awesome?  So, do not, I repeat, do not forget to pack your ear cords.

7) Face wipes

If you wish to take care of your skin while traveling especially on road trips then you better carry face wipes as you might not get water to wash your face everywhere. Besides, you don’t need to stop your car just to wash your face if you have face wipes. Saves time, literally!

8) Face creams & moisturizer

Now there are several products that are must haves while traveling:-

i) Moisturizer ( suitable for your skin type)

ii) Sun screen with spf more than 30 atleast

iii) Lip balm

iv) Antiseptic cream (for ” just-in-case” situations)

v) BB cream (optional)

9) Mouth freshener 

Do you know that while hiking or doing strenuous work, a mouth freshener or a gum helps keep the stamina? Well I experienced it. So, yeah.

10) Intimate wash / wipes

Ladies, this is gonna be your life saver. Keep it coz sanitary arrangements might not be as per your expectations at all places. Save yourself from life sucking infections.

11) Card holder cum wallet

An easy to use and super organized wallet that can hold your cash, debit and credit cards and most importantly your passport and visa documents will make things sorted for you. Invest in it for ease of life. Trust me.

Hope my suggestions are helpful to you. May your trip be least cumbersome with these pointers. If I have missed anything, please poin it out in comments section below. It would help me too.

And do share this article with your friends too because ” Sharing is caring” right?

Keep kicking. Stay Sassy. Live real.

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