What is it that you look forward to the most when you take a trip?

  • Scenic views
  • The Food
  • Relaxation
  • Experience
  • Culture

And what if I say, you get all of these at their best, and that too while floating on water?


Let me introduce you to the floating city of Kashmir, The Dal Lake.

Situated in heart of the capital Srinagar, this popular lake is not just a cliché tourist attraction but it is also a real world where real people go about their daily chores on water to make a living.

The main attraction of this floating city is their mode of transport, the boat and it has a beautiful name “Shikara”.

There is no doubt that taking a ride on shikara is the main reason why so many people find Dal lake as one of the best places in Kashmir to visit that you just cannot give a miss.

Look at the images below to get the idea.


From flowers, vegetables and imitation jewelry to ice creams, hot snacks and beverages everything is available on these mobile shops, shikaras.

They even use shikaras as taxis and school buses to ferry children to and from floating schools. Isn’t it exciting? I wish my school going experience was this awesome!

Then there are houseboats. And believe me when I say, it was awe-inspiring to live in it. I felt like a royal figure as the keeper family of my houseboat spoiled me silly with lavish meals and services.

With majestic view of the serene lake on the backdrop of snow clad mountains right outside my window and aristocratically carpeted interiors of the houseboat, I can put it down in my diary as the best place to stay in the world.



This is the Shikara in which I stayed for two days. Look at detailed interior that showcases Kashmiri culture and art.  It had a living room with balcony, a dining room complete with a mini bar and three bedrooms. What an experience!

Just WOW.

Take a look.


(Oooh… that’s me posing in traditional Kashmiri attire Pheran)

Well, I couldn’t resist shopping in this floating shop just for the sake of a memorable experience. Mind you, rates are sky high for the quality of products. Pashmina shawls and walnuts would be best to buy from here though.

(This lady just dropped her son to school in her Shikara)

Srinagar is so rightly called the city of lakes. This thrilling experience definitely made me wonder, how diverse can way of living get on different places of this Earth.

I am so excited to know how your experience of living on houseboat in Dal Lake was. Are you planning a Kashmir trip anytime soon? Comment below if you want to know more about best places to visit in Kashmir.

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