A fun place to hangout, SOCIAL’s franchise in Khar area of Mumbai is one of the most popular places for chilling on a relaxed evening or after work.  So last weekend, me and my office colleagues decided to pay it a visit.

There were 5 of us. We did not make any reservation, as it wasn’t planned beforehand. But we reached there at 7 PM sharp, so crowd had just started to arrive, and we got seats easily despite of it being a weekend.

I was in my denims and simple tee, so no fancy #OOTN to write about here.

The place has been given a shady look, like a grim garage and I was taken aback, given the whole hullabaloo about SOCIAL. But it has been quite nicely done inside. Look at the interior, it’s all jazzy. Front bar was small, but awesome.

(Pardon the bad image, I had not carried my camera, so these photos were taken from phone)

My drink – Screw driver. It was not all that great, tasted a bit like an orange flavored cough syrup as my friend pointed out. But I guess the ingredients are to be blamed as it tastes the same everywhere else too.

This one is Drip on the Trip- It is actually served in a drip bag. They have taken everything literally, which is amusing. This cocktail too was okayish, not excellent. It seemed like more of orange juice and less of vodka.


Then we ordered pakoda party and penne pasta to go with drinks. This assorted fritters platter was the best dish of all that we had ordered. They also had spinach leaf fritters, that I love. So I was quite happy.



Penne pasta was also surprisingly good. It was very cheesy and that’s how I like my pasta. So thumbs up to pasta!



I forgot to click picture of burger and sizzler since I had not ordered them, and before I remembered that I had to take picture of them, my colleagues had gobbled up all of them. So these pictures, I have taken from Zomato for your reference.

And what did they have to say?

Burger- Average.

Cottage cheese and capsicum Sizzler- Average. Cottage cheese (Panner) in it was very rubbery, not a good feeling while chewing. Gravy was also not all that great. I hope guys at Social read this.




I had ordered pasta in tomato gravy after drinks, and it was not as amazing as the penne pasta in white sauce.


Staff was young and pleasant. I have literally no issues. Place was very hygienic and loos were clean too.

Every dish was served in aluminum plates and aluminum serving containers of quirky shapes that looked like utensils used to serve prisoners in jail. Ooops.

It might seem funky and creative to a lot of people, but I felt weird. There is no explanation, why. But certain things that other people find crazy in a good way, I cannot comprehend them in the same way. So you guys visit and decide for your own – quirky or unexciting!


Here we are, at the end of dinner.


That’s me in extreme left. Of course you recognize me from my other blog posts, hahaha. And these are my awesome colleagues.



When we entered at 7 pm it was pleasant and music was peppy. By the time we left 3 hrs later, crowd was up and moving to foot tapping numbers. A perfect Social scene to behold!

So, all in all:

Ambience: 4/5 stars

Food: 2.5/5 stars

Service: 5/5 stars (No complaints)

My order summary:

Drinks: Screw driver, Drip on the trip, beers

Appetizers: Pakoda party, Penne Pasta

Main Course: Cottage cheese and capsicum sizzler, burgers, pasta in red sauce

Address: KHAR SOCIAl, Rohan Plaza, 5th Road, S.V. Road, Khar West, Khar, Mumbai

Do visit the place and let me know how was your experience.

If you have already visited the place and have something else to say, I am all ears for your opinion. Based on your suggestions, I might visit it again to try other dishes.

Also, write to me which other places do you want me to review.

Let me know in comment section below. I am waiting!

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Go on read it and enjoy! Weekend is here. Set out.