This is gonna make you roll on the floor and break your ribs laughing. Yeah, at my cost!

I know this is not a travel story, but hey, its Valentines. So it’s okay! And this is hilarious.

So the story goes like this. It is Valentine ’s Day tomorrow. And unfortunately, my dear hubby is going out of the city for 5 days owing to a training program that his sad organization has planned specially on Valentine ’s Day so that he can make love to all those oily freaky machines. Ugh!!

Therefore, I ordered flowers for midnight delivery to surprise him yesterday before his departure today. I pacified myself saying, every day is Valentine ’s Day for those in love! We have a nice garden overlooking the street we live in. So the delivery boy had to walk up to the garden trail and ring the bell to deliver my midnight flowers to him. I had made arrangements so that he was late for going to bed.

It so happened that neither of us could fall asleep. I was thoroughly excited, and he probably wanted to wish me Happy Valentine’s day at the stroke of 12. Exactly at midnight, I heard the gate of our garden creek. By now I was having butterflies in my belly. My husband heard it too. But little did I know that he was shit scared and had gone through all the things he needed to do in case of an unauthorized entry to our house! Shit.

The doorbell rang. And he sprang to his feet like some Ninja. I could totally understand why he was on his toes. He is an avid traveler and hence, the first thing that comes to his mind if anything unusual happens is DANGER.

I followed him, trying to say something. I was like, “Honey, listen to me”. He said, “Shush, don’t say anything. There’s someone out there. It’s dangerous.” I said, “But I know..” He cuts me off, “Shh. Laters”

He calls from behind the closed door, “Who’s there?”

“You have a delivery sir, ” He says.

His eyes widen, “What the fuck!”

I try to speak to him again. But in vain, he puts his hand tightly on my lips. Gah!!

I had no idea that my surprise would become a scam. All thanks to my ardent Valentine. Oh no

He does not ask any further questions. He dials a number and within few minutes our house is swarming with security guards of our street. What a nightmare! It was just a midnight surprise. All of these happened so quickly, I did not get enough time to stop him.

The funniest part was when the guard called out of the door reassuring him that it was actually a flower delivery, which again got my husband perspiring. LOL. He thought that some random chick had sent him flowers and that I will be fuming. And I did play by for a bit giving him a nasty stare. But then I could not help but roll down o the floor on seeing him sweat.  Poor soul!

Finally, his heart felt peaceful when he saw my name in between those roses! And now he was irritated at me. He said, “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

I was like, “Yeah, right!”








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