Pelling Resort

Pelling is one of the most sought-after tourist destination owing to the mighty Khangchendzonga mountain. If you are planning a trip to Sikkim, let me tell you that any season is good to go. It is quite obvious that the first thing you might be checking off your list is finding best hotels in Sikkim. Here, I bring to you the review of one of the best resorts and hotels in Pelling.

The Pelling Resort

Address: Near Helipad, Upper Pelting, Pelling city, West Sikkim

My stay in The Pelling Resort was a part of my week-long trip to Sikkim. I visited Pelling on the last leg of my journey. So I was doubting if there was anything more beautiful left to see after wandering in fascinating places like Lachung, Lake Tsomgo and so on. But I was wrong.  I was elated even before starting my excursion in Pelling.

Our stay was organized in this beautiful resort called, “The Pelling Resort”. As we entered the Pelling city, I could hardly see any proper hotel to stay let alone mind-blowing properties. But as we reached our destination, all tired from our long journey from Gangtok, I was taken by complete surprise.

I mean, look at the structure. Its beautiful with stone walls all over. At the entrance itself, there is a vast empty land in which they are cultivating vegetables so that they can always serve fresh veggies. Besides, this resort houses a vegetarian restaurant, so it is a bliss for all pure vegetarians like me.

I went on the trip with my mom and two friends, and the trip was organized by “Wild turks”- that organizes completely safe solo women trips.

  1. Property

Firstly, the property is made of wooden flooring and stone walls which qualifies it in my list of stylish ambiances. Then came the room. It was neat and clean with a pleasant smell. (I whiff a lot and make a fuss about room odors everywhere I go) Take a look at this picture.


A separate partition for the dressing area, which I found unique.

We were put up in a twin sharing based room. It was quite spacious with a huge wardrobe, a balcony with lovely view. (My mom immediately occupied the space and ordered nice hot coffee for herself. She had an amazing time in the balcony alone). Besides, from the other window, we had a fair view of the might Khangchendzonga mountain, the third highest peak in the world.

Now let me tell you something about the staff and food.

2. Food:

As I told you the restaurant housed in the resort serves only vegetarian food, it most likely attracts a lot of tourists. After all, vegan is the buzzword currently, isn’t it? Besides, food is not that expensive. And the main point is, it is actually delicious. We were served immaculately prepared hot and fresh meals along with desserts all the time that we stayed there. There were a lot of options too. They served Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese and Sikkimese food.

Let me tell you one incident. During our first night stay, we had this extremely delicious, irresistible tasting cottage cheese curry “Paneer Butter Masala” I guess along with other yummy dishes. So, we called the staff and asked them that we wanted to meet the cook who made it and give our compliments in person. Believe me, it was that delicious. Too bad, we were so immersed in its taste that none of us remembered to take a picture of it. 🙁

They looked at each other’s faces for a while as if contemplating what to say. Then they said, it was made by a chef named “Jack”. And that he will come to us later when dinner time is over. But that didn’t happen. We kept on inquiring about “Jack” for all two days that we were there- during breakfast and dinner.

Finally on the last day, when we asked them again, they relented. They said, that there is no “Jack” on our staff. We were dumbfounded. They said it was cooked by their head manager himself.

We could sense our jaws fall to the floor. Hahaha!

Actually, the head manager was fond of cooking, so whenever it was off season and guests were less, he would take on the kitchen and make whatever he felt like. We were lucky enough to have tasted that curry because it has been three months and I can still remember the taste of that curry vividly. It was heavenly. So overall, if there was even a minor setback in my experience here and there, not that I can remember any, everything was drowned in this mind-blowing experience.

And on top of all of it, it was my birthday next day. And I wasn’t kind of planning to celebrate because we had a day full of activities planned. But lo and behold. My friends and my mom had planned an elaborate midnight birthday surprise for me with the help of ever courteous staff, which brings me to the third point.

3. Staff:

We asked them to arrange a campfire for us, just the four of us. And it was done with no ifs and buts. You see the picture below. I am the one on the left wearing a long sweater and in the middle is my mom. On the right is my friend from Wild turks. And there is the grand bonfire.

So while we were enjoying the campfire after dinner, on directions of my friends, the staff was decorating my room for the birthday surprise. Take a look at this pic below:


The place where this resort is located is secluded and a bit far from the market. There is not a single good bakery around. So the staff took the pain and baked this tempting coffee vanilla flavored cake for me. I was so touched. They also gave me birthday presents. Lovely! Most memorable stay ever.


This girl in below picture is the receptionist (actually a hotel management intern, sorry can’t remember her name) who actually baked this amazing cake for me. I appreciate her efforts so much. Unfortunately, there was nothing much around to gift her. But I want to thank her here on my blog. Hope she finds out this blog. Wish I could remember her name.

On the last day of our trip, we were scheduled to start early in the morning at 6 AM for the airport. So the staff made the effort of waking up at 5 AM and packed delicious sandwiches and juice for us alone.

So, all in all, I can say my stay was more than just pleasant. It was memorable. I don’t mind saying that The Pelling Resort is one of the most exciting and wonderful hotels in Pelling. If you are looking for hotels to stay in Pelling, I recommend this property for sure. Here is my rating:

Property: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Staff: 5/5

Hope you all find this review useful. Do let me know in the comments box if you have any further questions. Also, write in comments if you want me to review any other property/ restaurant.

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