Scare me Not!

Present Day

Location: Flat no. 1201, Hiranandani Ambrosio, Powai, Mumbai

Time: 11:55 PM

Shree, a 16 years old nerdy girl with 0.5 power glasses is engrossed in a horror movie. Her brother Prabir, a 14 years old lad with lanky built but thinks he is a dude is stealthily stealing popcorn from the tub that lies in her lap as she gapes with open mouth at the scene that unfolds on the television.

The little girl in the scene has woken up in the dead of the night to get some water. Its completely dark and she hears a voice, a crying voice. The little girl is slowly walking towards the closed door that is the source of the wailing sound.

Shree’s mouth has stopped churning the popcorn that is hanging in her mouth mixing slowly with her unbiddenly flowing saliva. Prabir’s intensity of stealing and stuffing popcorn in his mouth has increased. The little girl in the movie has reached the locked door which has started creaking a little bit and suddenly ……. Phishhhhh. The television goes blank.

“What the hell yaar” says Prabir highly annoyed.

“The movie will only start if you stop stealing my popcorn.” Shree has a smug satisfaction on her face as she has successfully spoiled the shock moment of the shock horror movie for her brother. She fist pumps several times just to annoy him.

They have a little bit of a fight over the remote in which they pull each other’s hair, throw down all the cushions and run across their 4 BHK flat chasing each other because their parents have gone to a party and will return home late. It looked like a scene straight out of a Tom and Jerry episode in which Jerry always wins.

So Shree once again as the remote and they settle down to finish the rest of the movie. The spooky moment that flashes immediately on restarting the movie doesn’t feel the same now that the link has been lost.

Shree is skinny and her elbows are savage. She uses them as weapons to cut the queue in general and win the remote fight with her brother in specific.

So, the scene is over and now the little girl is explaining to her mom what she heard and that she was scared in their new house. The mom is worried and decides to investigate the room that her daughter had pointed out. She feels utterly disappointed with herself that she and her husband had failed to check that silly little room that looked like attic while finalizing their humongous house. Now she had to deal with this spookiness.

The little girl who is sleeping with her mom next night, is thirsty again. So she wakes up her mom. The mom walks towards the kitchen and is mindful of even the littlest of sound. And there it is. The wailing sound. It is coming from that little attic like room that is locked. Her heart is beating fast. The background of the scene is playing a creepy score that tugs at the most frightened part of a soul. She is right in front of the door and the wailing sound has become louder. As she is about to unlock the door, it creaks and swings wide open. There’s a deafening scream and the screen has gone blank once again.

“Shree, what the fuck are you doing!” Prabir is agitated now.

But there is no voice from Shree.

“Shree?” Prabir is watching her sister with concern.

She is sitting still.

“Shree are you scared? Where’s the remote?” Prabir looks around putting one hand on her shoulder.

“It’s just a movie okay, relax. Alright, we are not watching it anymore.” Prabir switches the TV off and shakes his sister again.

“Bro are you alright!”

Shree slowly turns her head towards him with wide frightened eyes.

“I did not turn the screen off.” says Shree slowly.

“It went off by itself.”

“And the scream seemed to come from behind me, not from the TV.” She said sitting stiff, not moving and not daring to look behind at all.

Now Prabir is scared too. They sit there holding hands and chanting Hanuman Chalisa that they had learnt from their mother to ward off ghosts.

Fifteen minutes later the front door clicks open. Shree and Prabir jumped a little. But on seeing their parents walk in, they run to them and hide in their huge figures.

In half an hour, when their parents had consoled them and reassured them that in the home that houses Gods, no Ghost can reside, they all go to bed and fall asleep but dream heavily of scary ghosts.

“Phew!! Are you serious? Like do you even qualify to be a ghost! I mean who screams like that being a ghost yourself?” a disappointed Sam asks Bella.

“Don’t ask me Sam. I was too scared of horror movies when I was alive too! And they freak me out now also” answers a freaked out Bella. They have now come out of the closet behind the sofa and are now lounging in the seats that the siblings Shree and Prabir had just vacated.

“Are you sure that she’s the one?” asked Sam.

Bella breathed out loud and answered with a smile, “Yes, she’s the one.”


This is end of episode 1. Tell me how it is in the comments section below. And stay tuned for episode 2. What does Bella – the ghost want from Shree. Why is Shree the chosen one? Episode 2 coming up soon.

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