Want to know how is Ticca Tikka in Andheri West? Let’s go peeps.

Mumbai food scene is a mixed pot of recipes. From Parsi Dhansak to Goan Vindaloo and all the regional dishes in between, you will find anything and everything over here. The street food dexterously competes with the gourmet food in Mumbai. If you are thinking that Bade Miya is the only great place to gorge on good Non-vegetarian food then think again. A few days ago, I had an opportunity to be a part of a cozy farewell lunch at Ticca Tikka, a lovely restaurant on link road in Andheri West, Mumbai. A beloved employee was leaving my new organization for better prospects.

I being a vegetarian was the only one to hog on all the vegetarian food. Rest all were connoisseurs of non-vegetarian dishes. So here is what we all ordered. Take a look. And scroll to the bottom for the honest and critical review of Ticca Tikka.

Vegetarian food:

Starters: Paneer Tikka

Main Course: Veg. Kadai with Tandoori Roti

Non-veg. food:

Starters: Reshmi Chicken Tikka, Malai Chicken Tikka

Main Course: Butter Chicken and Tawa Chicken with Tandoori Roti

Desert: Rabdi

Have a look at the ambiance of the restaurant below.

It was unique and had a funky vibe. For at least first 15 minutes after entering the joint, you would love to take in the distinct interior. From hanging cycle to vintage looking heavy chandeliers and brass utensils, Ticca Tikka boasted of a lot of decorative pieces that attracted my eyes.







Veg. Starter- Paneer Tikka


Non-veg. starter- Malai Chicken Tikka & Reshmi Chicken Tikka


Veg. Main course- Veg. Kadai


Non-veg. Main Course- Butter chicken and Tawa Chicken

The highlight of the food at Ticca Tikka was the non-veg. starters. Perfectly cooked, accurately spiced and amazing aroma spoke volumes about skills of the chef at Ticca Tikka. While the restaurant was one of the best places to enjoy Non-veg. meals, I can clearly say that vegetarian food was average. It felt as if a ladle of the same spicy gravy of non-veg. was tossed in the wok and some veggies added to make Veg. Kadai for the only poor vegetarian soul in the group that was me. But vegetarian started i.e. paneer tikka was surprisingly yummy. Desert too was below average and took a whole lot of time to arrive. I mean we could have already bid farewell to the guy till then.

Now let me rate my complete experience at Ticca Tikka in terms of a holistic review based on what me and my friends think:





Type of Meal




Rating (out of 5 stars)

Paneer Tikka Starter Vegetarian 4.5
Reshmi Chicken Tikka Starter Non-veg. 4.5
Malai Chicken Tikka Starter Non-veg. 4.5
Veg. Kadai Main Course Vegetarian 2
Butter Chicken Main Course Non-veg. 4
Tawa Chicken Main Course Non-veg. 3.5
Tandoori Roti Main Course N.A 4
Rabdi Desert Vegetarian 3
Ambiance 4.5
Service 4.2


You must try out this restaurant especially if you prefer non-vegetarian starters and a cozy funky ambiance for an enjoyable weekend. And do let me know in the comments section about your experience at Ticaa Tikka whenever you go there.

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