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Hope you are doing great. I really want to apologize for staying away from blogging for a long time. I was caught up in some important work like my digital marketing course, Google Adwords exam, job interviews and so on. While all these things are still going on, I cannot resist blogging any more. I feel something amiss from my life without blogging. So today, I bring to you the best thing to do in Mumbai- shopping. All people plan on doing shopping in Mumbai for fashionable stuff when they visit, because Mumbai is where all the trends kick off and spread over.

Have you ever heard, local shopkeepers in your city sell their merchandise by claiming that it is the latest trend going on in Mumbai or they have sourced their stuff from Mumbai? Well, I have lived in smaller cities and I have heard that a lot. So now when I get to live in this pulsating city, I know that it is actually true that fashion does originate from here. And Bollywood has quite a role to play in it. So it is quite logical that you might google Best Place for Street Shopping in Mumbai.

Best thing about shopping in Mumbai is that you get as much fashionable stuff on streets as in high end malls. Of course you cannot compare the quality, but you can definitely buy stylish and latest trending stuff at throw away prices. So do not think that it is cheap and down market to go street shopping. Mumbai is famous for mind blowing street markets where you can shop your heart out without burning a hole in your pocket. Some of the exotic Places for Street Shopping in Mumbai are Crawford market, Hind Mata market, fashion street, Bandra link road and Colaba Causeway. So if you are one of those millennials who likes to stay updated with the fast changing trends then street shopping in Mumbai is the best thing to do for you.

(On the way to Colaba)

Every now and then I see my colleagues wearing fancy outfits and when I ask them where did they buy it from, they have only one answer- Colaba Causeway! Dang! What am I doing! So, I recently visited Colaba Causeway which is situated just behind the Gateway of India and The Taj. The shopping street starts at the famous Cafe Mondegar and continues beyond. It is undoubtedly one of the Best Place for Street Shopping in Mumbai according to me. This place attracts as many international travelers as local people.

What to buy:

You can buy everything from stylish apparels and accessories to home decor accessories and rare artifacts. Go for shirts, dresses, shrugs, earrings, bracelets, neck pieces, hand bags, shoes, candle holders, lamps, locks, clocks, show pieces and so on.

Here is some of the things that I liked:

I did not find any good apparels to buy, so I could not take photos of any apparels. But I have read on blogs of so many fashionistas that they have found some beautiful tops and dresses to wear on casual events.

I did buy a long shrug, a necklace and some footwear though.

If you are visiting Mumbai for the first time, you need to read these pointers with extra care.

What to do:

Bargain hard. Whatever price vendors say, do not buy it until you have negotiated and reduced it to one-third of his first say.

Look for good quality products and check for defects, they must last as long as possible. Nearby Colaba causeway, there are many street food joints as well as two of the most famous cafes: Cafe Leopold (the famous cafe that was attacked by terrorists in 2006) and Cafe Mondegar. So, you must hang out there after heavy shopping to chill with friends and family.

What not to do:

Do not enter the market with open bags i.e. totes that do not have full zip. If you are conned by pick-pocketer, there’s nothing much you would be able to do.

Avoid heavy crowds. Given the recent terrorist attacks and also stampede debacle in Mumbai, it is worrisome to get dragged in crowds. Go in afternoon or late morning if possible. Evenings, you should avoid unless you are a pro at street shopping.

So, this is all about my shopping experience in Colaba Causeway. I know there is much more to this place than I saw. It will take one more visit I guess. After all, Colaba Causeway is one of the best places for shopping in Mumbai. Till then, if you would like to add your experience, please do so in the comments section below. I am glad to know how was your shopping experience in Colaba Causeway!

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