Rains and waves were calling on to me,

Said be our guest for moments to be.

Pouring from above, lapping at my feet,

They washed away the strain in just a passing fleet.

Sunny days, beach bumming in hats and bikinis, sipping chilled beer and getting that oh-so-pretty tan. That’s the picture that surmises in our heads when we hear ‘Goa’.

But have you ever visited Goa in monsoon?

I did. And believe me when I say, “It was pure bliss”.

If Goa in sunny weather is ‘bright and vibrant’, then Goa in monsoon is ‘serene and soul stirring’.

I was there for the weekend, so I had just two days on hand. But you know what! I had the most amazing time beach hopping in Goa amidst a constant drizzle and chilling winds. It was an experience to remember.

We landed in Goa at midnight and reached our hotel Country Inn and Suits by Carlson, Candolim at the dawn. So instead of going to sleep, we went straight to Candolim beach at 6 AM. There is something unexplainably beautiful about early mornings at the beach. It’s as if suddenly all haze has cleared and you can see your thoughts bright and clear.

The Candolim beach had coarse whitish sand and the waves were too fierce to wade in because of incessant rains. So all I did was sit on a moss laden rock half submerged in water and took in the view for a while.  (Taking pictures was next to impossible due to lack of light and presence of mist)

After a hearty breakfast and a quick swim in the pool I headed towards other beaches we had on our to do list.  ‘Dil Chahta He’ was one of my favorite movies while I was growing up and that particular shot taken on some beach of Goa where the three besties “Aakash”, “Samir” and “Sid” were chilling on top of a fort was on my bucket list to visit. That was the Chapor fort near Vagator beach.

Here is a picture of the Chapor fort.

(Shot of ‘Dil Chahta He’ title song at Chapor Fort, Source: indiauntravelled.blogspot.com)

(Source: Travel triangle, Vagator Beach in monsoon)

(That’s me on Vagator beach, Source:  My android phone)

And here we did what we always do on rainy days, eat roasted American corn. Small little pleasures like this give me immense happiness especially when parasailing and other adventures are not possible.

Next Stop was Anjuna beach. Here we spent most of our time. We chilled at Curlies, the most happening place for night parties. Although, we did not stay there for the party, we had a great time playing pool, doing rounds of beers and hookah (at unbelievably cheap prices), eating burgers and sizzlers and doing long walks amidst the waves since waves were not that angry over there. (wink).

(Me at Curlies, Source: My android phone)

I am a super book lover and so when it started raining in afternoon, gleefully I took out my book, made myself comfortable and went to my reading in the surreal surrounding. That pure heavenly feeling, I have reserved in vaults of my brain and will unlock when I will have to remind myself to smile.

As the little bit of light that the day had to offer started to fade, we set out towards our next target, Arambol beach (the perpetual hippie hangout of Russians). To reach Arambol, we had to pass through Ashvem beach and Morjim beach.

The soft wet sand on Ashvem beach felt like cotton pads on my feet. The most amusing thing that I found on that beach was that there was a little inland water body with only feet deep water. And a few meters ahead we could see actual sea waves splashing on the inland water. It was a sight to behold, like a mirage or say that scene from interstellar when they land on the water planet and mistake the bombastic wave for a huge dust wave. A lone cliff shed some solitary light on an unmarked point of sea as last hint of light poofed away. How I wish we went there earlier in light so that I could take pictures! It was stupendous.

But just to give you an idea, here is a picture I found on internet of the same place.

(Ashvem beach, Source: travelaspire.com)

And I mentally thanked myself to drop the idea of visiting overcrowded Baga and Calangute beach this time (although we missed partying over there with the merrier crowd a little bit).

Arambol greeted us with picturesque coconut trees bent at perfect angles so that they looked like straight out of a painter’s landscape painting. The dusk, the rain and the cool breeze on Arambol together gave my beach hopping spree a befitting end.

We returned dazed to our stay and had a hearty dinner to end our day. Country Inn has great view to offer too. And staying in their luxe suite was a different experience altogether.

(Pic: At the Hotel- Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, Candolim .l Source: My android phone)

I have been to Goa in winters and spring before. And I did enjoy the cheerful atmosphere, balmy sunlight and vibrant vibes that the mixed crowd from all over the world share. But Goa in rains is an altogether different and extraordinary.

You don’t get to do scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing and other fun activities but you will surely get to admire the splendid green cover that Goa has to offer. So if you are a person who likes rains but have no idea where to spend your holiday then head to Goa. I am sure the only song that will play in your head on repeat is “Paradise” from Coldplay.  I know that images are a little unclear, that’s because this is my first blog and at that time I did not have a camera on me. But I promise my next blog will have mind blowing pictures because I just splurged on a brand new Nikon D5300 DSLR with dual lens.

It’s been a while since I returned from Goa and I feel like I still got sand in my shoes and I can’t shake the thought of it.

Well, this was my experience in Goa. How was yours?

I want to know. Share in comments below.


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