The D day is here! Valentine week has already begun. As I write this post, I am hogging on chocolates as today is the chocolate day (my favorite day in whole Valentine week).

For all those who have jet setting partners who are constantly on the move, you might be thinking of searching for something that will make their constant travel comfortable, so that you can express your care and affection in right way.  If you are wondering what would be the best gifts for travel lovers, you my friend have come to the right place. This is the perfect list of Valentine gifts for travel lovers. Why? Because I myself am an avid traveler and I have listed down 7 Valentine gift ideas that I, and like me all wander lusters would love.

  1. Kindle

Gift an e-book reader to your darling on this Valentine’s day and he/ she will be thanking you for lifetime. This is of course if they live in books and eat words for food. And which is the best e-book reader? It’s Kindle duh!!!

Buy it from here if you are wary of searching details on Google.



  1. Bag organizer inserts

Purse inserts are trending a hell lot. I marvel at how “necessity leads to so many inventions”. This tote organizer is a boon for clumsy travelers. Pack your stuff absolutely hassle free and you won’t suffer from embarrassing bag searches in public for your essentials, because things will come zooming out like Hermione Granger’s beaded bag with undetectable extension charm (Tada!)


If your partner is not good at safeguarding expensive cameras from damage, you can gift him/ her, this easy-to-use camera insert too. It comes with padded and removable partitions for camera and two lenses. So there you go, all sorted!

  1. Passport & Documents holder

Now the most useful and quintessential gift that you can give to your special one is this passport holder that has enough slots and partitions to hold all documents necessary for traveling securely, be it passport, visa or other identification papers. Show them how much you care with such thoughtful gifts.



  1. Funky luggage tags

This gift idea is slowly gaining popularity as markets are now filled with creative luggage tags that anyone would like to flaunt. This one is catchy and your sweetheart will face no difficulty in identifying her bags at the baggage carousel on airport.


I found these incredible ones Eat Sleep Travel Repeat  that have been my favorite


And these cute ones, I wish, I receive them as Valentine gift this year. Dear husband, I hope you are reading this. (Wink wink!!)


  1. Quirky travel mugs

Coffee is one thing that a traveler would not like to miss, no matter where they are. If your dear one is a stickler for a particular type of coffee, which they might not get in places they visit, you can gift them this classy travel mug with lid which is in shape of camera lens. They are gonna love it. Trust me!

  1. Toiletries/ makeup organizer bag

Now this one is pretty basic, but who doesn’t love a little bit of pampering every now and then? Your partner might have a particular choice of toiletries and cosmetics which they are so possessive about. So get them this ultimate toiletries organizer on this Valentine’s day and let them know how much they mean to you.


  1. Gift card to somewhere exotic

What can possibly be a better gift than a holiday for two? If you want to sweep them off their feet on this Valentine’s day then loosen your pocket a bit and gift her/ him a holiday voucher to sneak away to. A beach holiday or trip to nearby hill station would be a perfect Valentines weekend getaway and it will definitely go miles in  bringing both of you closer.

These gift ideas for travel lovers are bang on. You may not agree with all of these gift ideas but I am sure one of these will definitely click for you. So go all out and choose best gift for your on-the-go significant other this Valentine’s day.

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