In your school days, did you ever pay attention to Geography lessons? Well to tell you the truth, the whole stigma associated with Social studies subject being boring kept me away from it. And I only mugged all lessons up to get a good score in exams. But who the hell had thought that those same things would be missed by all of us too badly when we travel to those places!

Say what? You don’t travel that much? Are you sure! Okay I am judging you now.


Jokes apart. If you are still stuck in your cubicle and reading all the articles on internet that coax you to travel more, I must say, it is time for you to plan a trip, pack your bag and fly out. What? Don’t have enough savings! There are plenty tips and tricks available on internet to plan a budget trip. So shut your excuses up and follow your dream as I give you 6 reasons why you should travel more and suffer less in office. (Grin)


1. Helps you open up


Funny however as it may sound, some people have difficulty in even striking up a conversation with someone, forget going to a new place solo or handling situations on their own. And believe me; nothing makes you more “proactive” and “open” than a trip. Obstacles on roads give you more opportunities to interact with your fellow travelers or locals. So there you go! One of the benefits of traveling the world is that you become extrovert.
2. Helps bust stress


Break out from your monotonous 9 to 5 routine! Book a ticket, go somewhere and just stay put for a few days. You will never be able to forget the experience. While a lot of people take a yearlong break to travel, you can break free for at least a few days if not much. A survey says that if you are suffering from anxiety or lifestyle disorders then a few days in lap of nature will set your body clock right. One of the most important reasons people travel more is to keep themselves sane in spite of this mad world.

3. Improves health



It’s no secret. Life is a big mound of stress and health is a big bulge of mess in these concrete jungles where we work in order to live. Considering unorganized waking and eating schedules, air and noise pollution, peer pressure and traffic stress we are bound to compromise health as we make other materialistic things a priority. While on a break, along with body clock, your mind clock also restarts recharging you to take on anything that may come your way. Sea breezes and unadulterated air of forests and mountains have proven positive effects on body that help improve health. Hence proved! Importance of traveling.

4. Makes you versatile


If you are asking that what does traveling do for a person, then this reason is for you. As you keep on working same things in your daily life you sort of fall in a routine and before you realize you have adjusted your body to certain tasks and that’s it. How many times have you fixed your own meal or done your laundry by yourself? Going on a trip not only helps you open up to people, but also helps you in pushing your limits, so that you become more flexible, more versatile. After all adding new awesome skills to your list is not a bad thing at all!
5. Makes you wiser in life


On your travels, you might come across people who are totally different from you. They might follow different principles, they might look different, and they might share their beliefs and lifestyles with you. And trust me, this knowledge will make you think about the greater good. Travel instigates you to rise above petty issues of life and think of Earth as a whole with different pretty creatures making it a beautiful place to live in.

6. Lessens regrets of life


In a survey, people on their death bed were asked what they regretted in their lives, and shockingly majority of them regretted no travelling more and not seeing more places. This is the reason why you should travel young, though you see many enthusiastic and energetic elder people traveling now to fulfill their dreams. Cheers to them!
Now you decide, whether you want to be one of those surveys and have a similar answer or die saying I have no regrets with a smile.