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How are you guys doing? Today I am going to post about something other than my travel stories, but it is the topic that surely all the travelers can relate to.

There is one common trait among all the travelers. They all love to read while traveling. They are official bookworms. And whenever they go on long road trips, they pack more books than their clothes, yes. They buy stylish large size hand bags, considering not the stuff they will put in, but how many books they can carry around in it.

Today, I am writing about some funny, weird and annoying habits of all the book lovers that are too cute and all you dear bookworms can relate to. These habits have been observed by fellow passengers while traveling through public transport.

So read on and enjoy your office break time with a nice hot cuppa.

PS: I am one of those bookworms and this post includes my personal self-conscious observations too. 😉

  1. Burst into Laughter while Reading in Public

Have you encountered anyone reading a book in public burst into laughter all of a sudden? If yes, you might have thought, that is weird, but book worms don’t mind it. They just enjoy their book as they are oblivious of their surroundings. Let me tell you this, I have caught myself in midst of a really goofy-die-right-now kind of a laughter in a local train while on my way to work. And I was standing sandwiched in the crowd with one hand suspedended in air holding the train handle to avoid falling off and one hand flipping pages of the book. Well that’s what all bookworms are like, aren’t they? Shrugs 😉

I laughed everytime Hermoine snapped at Ron. I giggled all the time Anna provoked Christian. I had a stupid grin plastered on my face everytime my protagonist did something stupidly cute or saved his sweetheart. (PS: I am hopelessly romantic by heart and yearn for fairytale happy endings)

2. Get Emotional while Reading in Public

Okay, this is very very very embarrasing. I have cried eyes full of tears in metro train while reading PS I love you, No kidding. I have heaved in public when Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey break up in the end of first part of Fifty shades of Grey. Hell, I even cried alone in my bedroom when I found out that Snape from Harry Potter series was a good guy but unfortunately died a horrible death, and that too all alone. Books do that to you. Bookworms can get so immersed in the scene, they have no clue where they are what they are doing. So bear with them please.

3. Get self-conscious while reading a steamy scene in Public

Oh yes, that happens a lot. What can I say, we are all self-conscious beings. We know nobody is looking or even peeking into your book, but still we look around if we have been acting weird and caught someone’s eyes. I live in India and my schedule is hectic, even then I was so embarrased to open Fifty Shades of Grey book in public that I had to download it on my Kindle app on Mobile. You know, the book is famous and everybody knows it by the cover. (Wink)

4. Get Butterflies in the Belly Everytime you enter a Bookstore

Oh that feeling!

I just wanna run across the store and buy every single one of them. Do you guys dream of your own library? Oh you might already have one online with Kindle 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi (Black) Previous Generation. But you know, I am talking about a physical one. I dream of having a fancy study cum library with a swanky coffee machine. Ice-cream vending machine would also do.

5. Mentally stab all Book haters

Don’t hate me for this. But I do come cross them a lot. When you are in middle of an animated discussion about some book with your colleagues or friends and somebody just pops in to say, “I have no patience to read man! I prefer videos/movies more than books”. And I am mentally going, “Grrrrrrrr”. I could eat that guy alive.

You can identify a bookworm in a theatre too, he/she might be usually found complaining that the movie was nothing like the book was, everything was wrongly portrayed. Well, me and my bookworm friends do that kind of bitching a lot.

If you too are a book lover and participate in fandoms, then I would love to hear from you. If I have missed out on any traits, or you have encountered some other funny habits of bookworms, hit the comment box below. I am excited to hear about it.


Keep Traveling. Keep reading. Keep kicking butt of book haters.

Stay Sassy!


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