Digital Revolution that began in late 70’s has created immense awareness among people on how brands work and how consumers deserve better services. People have realized that there is no need to land at any place clueless as to what to expect and there is no need to compromise in any way.

Nowadays, due to insecurity and protection issues and in expectation of best of best, people opt for completely planned outings whether it is a dinner date or an extensive trip across countries. Nothing has to be left to chance now. And in accomplishing it, reviews play a vital role.

Negative reviews make people aware of what they can face if they take up that particular service. Positive reviews help people understand salient features of a particular service or product. So I have listed below three important reasons why reviews matter so much nowadays.

1. Voicing opinion is your right

Imagine you had a rough flight with inattentive and careless staff. Ground staff didn’t help you at all and was pissed off at your frequent requests for some rightful service.

You have complete right to let the world know your experience, so that you can claim your compensation and also help other people make better choices. Social platforms help you voice your opinions candidly and thus teach brands a lesson. Brands are bound to oblige, otherwise they will be doomed because there are millions of people who would check that review.

Take a look at these snapshots of reviews of airways that I found on which is an online customer reviews site.

2. Safety first


I was going through a travel blog that boasted how hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia are just mind blowing. But what I appreciate in that blog is that she mentioned how to take precautions and why it is important to do a check on different companies offering these rides. Reviews of travellers help them choose the best and avoid a company that does not take safety precautions seriously. She mentioned how there had been an accident as balloon exploded mid-air killing all  20 people on board. A quick review of that company revealed that it had a history of such accidents.  Trust me, your honest opinion can save someone’s life.


Take a look at review snapshots I found on

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Cappadocia- Reviews




3. For memorable experience

Imagine you have saved enough for your long awaited trip. You pack all your fancy outfits and camera gear. And now you have reached a place that hardly resembles the pictures you had seen on their website. And the beach is not even visible from your window as was promised. Oops!

But had you checked at least 5-6 reviews of the property online, you would have been warned. It could be a worse situation if things didn’t turn out that way you had expected on your romantic dinner date. Ouch!! Please swallow me Earth.

Check out some detailed and brutally honest reviews of restaurants and holiday homes.


Online Customer Reviews for Restaurants: (Source:





How brands respond to online customer reviews:


Holiday Homes Reviews (Source:


Google says almost 90% of consumers check online customer reviews before purchasing anything. And more than 70% of consumers are affected by a positive online reviews and make buying decision within no time. So this also helps you if you are a brand and wish to augment your growth. A string of positive reviews and a helpful reply to any negative feedback would definitely restore people’s faith in your services and in fact even increase your business revenue.

Have you ever posted customer reviews online? No. Do it guys. It helps in many more ways than you can imagine. Let me know how you feel about online reviews in the comment box. I am all ears.

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